'Anecdote VS Real Data'

Real time teleidoscope projection


Vision feels like a movie as it gives the illusion of completeness. Every time the eye blinks it filters a tiny percentage of what is actually seen. The saccades, the eye movements that fixate on one spot for a fraction of a second are edited to produce a montage of reality.To a certain degree the teleidoscope, which is a very simple contraption, mimics the human visual system. I find that this is contradictory to the complex nature of Neuroscience. This paradox intrigues me into attempting to conceptualise human visual perception.
Anecdote VS Real data: Vision is too fast for the brain to instantly process therefore the brain has to take time to filter this information. During this filtering action, one becomes blind for about 100 milliseconds; what we think we see is not all of what we actually see. As if in slow motion, the real time recording projection of the teleidoscope mirrors the process of vision.