Working with a wide range of media, Sozou’s current body of work is focused on a sculptural and spatial approach to art. In her site specific installations, she maintains the honesty and aesthetics of simple industrial mass materials and explores their ‘micro-macro’ elements, as well as their reflective, distortive and ultimately alienating qualities. As metaphors for the workings of the visual system, the works play with one’s vision and human perception whilst adhering to a somewhat minimal formal stringency.

Both MicroOptasia (silver drawing pin fabric/ decorative pattern) and MicroOptasia Lighting Series (lampshade) are solely handmade using high quality materials. These unique artworks are fully customisable and are made to measure based on (and respecting) the aesthetics of the architecture, the interior design of the space/s that are to be installed/ exhibited in and of the customer’s/ collector’s requirements.

MicroOptasia II (detail)
167,100 silver drawing pins on transparent PVC
Central Saint Martins Degree Show
300cm x 200cm